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Naperville apartments

Naperville apartments

I have many good memories of living in the Naperville apartments. I had just got out of the military, and finally had my own place. No more living in the barracks, with all these other dudes. Finally my own space. I was working, living in the Naperville apartments getting adjusted to civilian life.I then decided I would start taking some college courses. I’m going to school, I’m excited to be learning new things. I’m feeling good about living in my new place at the Naperville apartments. But the one thing, that always makes me remember the Naperville apartments, is this cutie named Sibella. I met her in one of my classes one day. She asked me, did I want to go to lunch one day, and the rest was history from there.We started hanging out everyday after class. The one thing we always talk about, is our first date. Now it wasn’t romantic or anything like that, but it was a story to remember.We were hanging out one day, and I took her back home to her place one night. It was pretty late, so I decided to walk her to the door. It was a good thing I did, because her ex boyfriend was waiting and jumped out of the bushes and was trying to fight Sibella.

I was able to protect her from crazy man. We always joke about it sometimes when we are at my place in the Naperville apartments. She would come by and visit me all the time, and the people around the Naperville apartments thought she lived there.

I liked the fact that Sibella had a down to earth personality. Her main objective in life was to help special needs children. Her job didn’t pay much, but she loved it, and she was okay with it. She has expanded my perspective in life and has made me a better person I believe. Every time I think about living in the Naperville apartments, I have these pleasant memories of hanging with Sibella.

She ended up transferring to another school once she got her bachelors degree. We talked about staying together, but I wanted her to do what was best for her. We are still in touch and have a great relationship. It is funny how my simple place in the Naperville apartments brings about so many special memories.